Pilates was originally crested for injured dancers, but the moves can teach you proper alignment so you move gracefully while working out your powerhouse muscles — abs, lower back, thighs and buttocks. Increase strength, flexibility and endurance and improves posture, alignment, coordination and balance — all without building bulky muscles. Nothing is forced or repetitive; you emphasize correct form rather than going for the burn.


The typical yoga workout blends strength, flexibility and body awareness. Many classes also include a spiritual element; it’s not unusual for a class to include some chanting, prayer, candles or incense. There are many form of yoga, but Hatha is the most common. It includes all the basic yoga moves and breathing exercises, but doesn’t include the religious aspects of some other forms. Yoga energize your body and calms your mind. Most people begin to see and feel improvements in their flexibility, strength and stress levels after only a few classes. It’s portable and affordable.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is a fast-paced, military-style interval-training class that incorporates calisthenics like the ones you did inthe fifth grade. Classes include jumping jacks, pushups, runing in place, football-style drills and lots of yelling. If you’ve always wanted your own personal frill sergeant, you’ll love these classes. Tons of repetitions will tone muscles, and the fast-paced drills will keep your heart pumping. The result: a serious workout and great calorie burner.


A combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics. You get a full-body workout that increases balance, strength, flexibilty and endurance. Kickboxing classes are less formal than traditional martial arts classes. Moves include kicks and punches — some classes also include jump rope, punching a heavy bag or a series of shadowboxing drills.

What could be better than punching or kicking something to relieve stress? Besides providing a great head-to-toe cardio and calorie burning workout, you’ll also learn some-defense, balance, coordination, speed and agility.

Power Walking

Walking is one of the best fitness activities there is. It’s easy, it can help you lose weight, it’s good for your heart, and the risk of injury is virtually nil. Walking is inexpensive and low tech – you can adjust your pace, technique, and the terrain to accommodate your fitness level.

Step Aerobics

Take a rectangle shaped platform, stack it atop one or more sets of Lego-like blocks called risers, add some spicy music, an enthusiastic instructor, a group of ready participants and voila – you’ve got yourself a step class ! Once you learn the basic moves for getting on, off, over, across and around the step, the instructor will have you put them all together in choreographed sequences.

Burns tons of calories with about half the impact of running. Give your butt and legs an awesome workout. It’s fun and entertaining espeacial if the teacher’s good and the students are into it.

Weight Training

Weight training uses either specially designed machines or free weights (steel disks, long bars and short bars). You can use this equipment to strengthen and reshap every area of your body.

Weight training increases bone density and muscle mass, helps improve athletic performance, revs up your metabolism so you burn more fat and calories (even at rest), perks up your posture, boosts your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself.