Diane Haslam MSc., B.Phys.Ed. (Dist). MSc.

Diane has been CEO and Executive Director of FISAF Singapore for more than 25 years and in that time has worked to certify more than 5000 Singaporeans as personal trainers, aerobic and aqua aerobic, Third Age and Fit ball instructors, many of whom have opened their own successful businesses keeping Singaporeans fit, healthy and happy. Students are known to come from as far away as India,Thailand, Mongolia, China, Maldives and Europe to attend the FISAF Singapore courses.  Diane was trained as a physical education teacher in England and has Diplomas and Degrees from the UK (Dip.Phys.Ed. Keele University), Canada (BSc. Brock University) and the USA (MSc. Eastern Michigan University).

Diane is first and foremost a student centered teacher who works very hard to ensure student success on all her courses. She is a Master Instructor in the Fitness Industry and has taught fitness education at all levels of schooling from secondary to polytechnic to university all over the world. Her particular forte is fitness programming, and design for clients of all ages and her industry certification is broad and deep including awards from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American Council on Exercise, Australian Council on Exercise, Reebok University Singapore, America Aerobic Association International and the International Sport Medicine Association. She has achieved Master Trainer status in Personal training, Aqua, Aerobics, Fitness leader, Reebok Aerobic/Step/Slide, Reebok Power Walking, Reebok Martial Arts and Reebok Final Cuts, Spri and Resistaball as well as Fitball/Gymnic. Consultant and teacher with the Singapore Sports Council, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Polar Heart Rate monitors, Reebok Malaysia, Singapore Special Olympics, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Ghurka Contingent and Bodynits International Singapore Pte. name just a few..

Diane is married to Professor Ian Haslam and has three children, two grandchildren and Daisy……her St Bernard.


Professor Ian R. Haslam (Cabrillo College, CA. USA) Ian is a social and behavioural scientist who has worked in the field of sport and education for over forty years! He has a passion for the ‘world game’ which he played and coached at the professional level and currently holds the England FA Advanced Coaching Award and the UEFA A Coaching Award. Ian holds degrees from England (Keele, U., Dip.Phys.Ed. B.Ed. (Hons) and the University of Birmingham, MBA), Canada (MA, Alberta) and the USA (Ed.D. SUNY at Buffalo). He has published extensively in the field of physical education for children and youth and recently completed two books looking at Large Scale School Reforms. He has been a tenured professor at three North American universities, the Vice Dean of the School of Physical Education at the NIE, NTU where he worked for ten years. He has more recently served as a college and university Dean and Director, a Campus Provost and the Vice Chancellor of a Singapore designed Teachers College in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Bahrain.

Professor Ian teaches modules on visualization and mental training, periodisation and planning, communication and relationship building with clients and PT for kids on the Move

Ms Vivian Lim

Ms Vivian Lim is a graduate physiotherapist from the University of Sydney, NSW. With 8 years of working experience, Vivian has a wide range of experience from having managed patients with sports injuries, acute care in the hospital and geriatric rehabilitation in the community. Vivian, who is a certified American College of Sports Medicine Clinical Exercise Specialist since 2010, is also an experienced speaker who has conducted talks on injury prevention, weight management, ergonomics as well as exercise programs for corporate executives like Nestle, SATS, Hewlett Packard and national health conferences like World Diabetes Day and World Physiotherapy Day in Singapore. She has also been featured on Good morning Singapore for issues on weight management as well as media platform to feature community based therapy in Singapore. Vivian served as the Vice President of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association from 2012 to 2016 and currently takes upon the role of Honorary Secretary. As a council member of the association, she has been involved in organising the Association’s important events like bi annual international conferences, 50th anniversary celebrations, World physiotherapy day and the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Conference. Her role in the association also sees her managing the media liaisons with the association’s corporate communications team to profile the professional group of physiotherapists.

Dr Balasekaran

Dr Balasekaran obtained his doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh and he did his Post Doctoral Fellowship in molecular genetics at the University of Pittsburgh with a renowned genetics professor. At present he is an Associate Professor and his research projects include physiological responses in exercise and adaptations to health and sports performance, also investigating the influence of genetic factors on exercise related outcomes. He is currently actively involved in investigating physiological predictors of human performance.

As a keen runner and a former national competitor, Dr. Bala had represented Singapore in long distance running events and had won medals in various international and local meets. He had also qualified and raced in the prestigious National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) cross-country championships in USA where American athletes are often selected to represent the USA at elite international events, such as the Olympics. He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (FACSM) which is the most prestigious distinction within the college and is a certified American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health/Fitness Director. He has also a strong interest in coaching and holds the level one and level two International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) coaching certificates


Mr Shathik Magnum

Shathik is a certified personal trainer Federation of International Sports Aerobics and Fitness (FISAF). Apart From being a Former National Runner, Shathik now coaches students at all levels for National events. Being in the Singapore Armed Forces for about 6years, he had attended various training programs that were physically highly taxing. He had participated in the Peace Keeping Operations where he had to work with other army battalions from various countries. This has earned him an International medal.

Being in the fitness industry, he is dedicated in helping others in achieving a healthy lifestyle while educating them on proper fitness approach, maintenance and as well as dietary habits.

Besides managing his company “Fitness Age’’, He contributes to the FISAF Team nurturing new trainers’, to further expand their knowledge.

Shathik is presently one of the Examiners for FISAF in Singapore.


Mr. Nelson Chong, Functional Training and Rehab Specialist, CEO & Founder, Functional Training Institute Singapore

An inventor of the Dual Zone Therapy Balls and creator of Dual Zone Myofascial Release™ (DZMR) methodologies that empower others to live pain-free actively, Nelson Chong is an educator and specialist in rehabilitation and functional training with 16 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.  He has been a highly sought after trainer by CEOs, doctors, families, athletes and professionals from 4 to 92 years old with chronic or acute pain, performance issues, movement dysfunction and postural disorder.

Formerly a district fitness manager of a mega gym managing multiple clubs, Nelson has mentored hundreds of trainers and some has become fitness managers or gym owners today with his unique approach to mind, body and spirit. He is currently the founder and CEO of Functional Training Institute, mentoring aspiring trainers to become world class rehabilitation and functional training specialists. Nelson is a selfless, passionate, dynamic and innovative educator that has a great sense of humor. He has presented his passion about rehabilitation and functional training at 19Hundred Torino, Italy, India ATP Fitness & Sports Convention, Singapore Arm Forces, Singapore Annual Anti-Aging Conference, Vietnam Getfit Gym, Beijing Myfitness, Hong Kong Cityfit, Taiwan TFL Gym, Philippines Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine (POSSM) Annual Convention, Australian Institute of Kettlebells, Sport Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic and many other corporate companies. He has also been featured in various media including The Straits Times, Zao Bao, Wan Bao, Ch 8 Good Morning Singapore and FM radio 938 Live.

Mr Yip See Kit

Yip See Kit, National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Level 3, NROC Registered Coach with the Singapore Sports Council, a well known Tai Chi master and National Judge with more than 23 years of experience.

See Kit is the Co-Founder of NewAgeTaichi

His incredibly demanding yet fulfilling life as a martial artists, athlete, educator and coach has given him the chance to appreciate the most important things in life. We are in charge of our own well-being and that even the slightest changes to your sedentary lifestyle can bring about almost immediate benefits. Through the practice of Tai Chi is where See Kit learns to understand more about his own inner self and achieving inner peace.

He had participated and achieved many gold medals in various National and International Wushu Competitions. He is also 3 times Gold Medalist in the National Wushu Competition for Tai Chi. See Kit approaches Tai Chi coaching through a systematic and sports sciences training system. Beside Tai Chi, he is also trained in other martial arts such as Wushu, Wing Chun, Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

An affable personality, Coach Yip is dedicated to fulfilling the potential of each and every one of his students, imparting in them, his knowledge and understanding of Tai Chi

His cheerful personality also makes it very easy for others to relate to him, both young and old and to trust in his guidance. This gives him a strong frame of influence from which to motivate his students.

See Kit has been responsible for teaching Tai Chi to many students in school in an effort to promote this wonderful art to the younger generation. To date, he has engage more than 24, 000 participants from all over the world.

See Kit has also written many articles relating to the benefits of Tai Chi and Health/Fitness related articles and constantly featured in Media to share about his insight on the benefits of learning Tai Chi

To further enhance his thirst for knowledge, he went on to pursue and become a certified FISAF Personal Trainer.

See Kit setup Evolution Fitness Studio in 2012 and started his Fitness journey. He continues to constantly upgrade himself and became certified Pilates & Yoga Teacher. Now he combines and integrates Tai Chi, Yoga & Pilates as part of his rehabilitation program to help those who are suffering from pain or wanting to improve their health & fitness to live an enhanced quality lifestyle.

Ms Jane Tan

Jane, a well known Tai Chi master and National Judge with over 15 years of experience is currently NROC registered with the Singapore Sports Council under Wushu/Tai Chi with a National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Level 3.

Jane is the Co-founder of NewAgeTaichi

Jane is dedicated and passionate about Tai Chi. In order to further enhance her knowledge; she went on to pursue a Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science with full distinction in all her subjects. With the diverse knowledge she had acquired, both personally and professionally, everything she shares or writes is attributed to her true passion about how each and every individual at their best can realize their health and fitness potential, imparting in them, her grace, beauty, and mental fortitude.

She had participated and achieved many medals in various National and International Tai Chi Competitions. To date, many students had benefited from her Tai Chi coaching.

Jane went on to study Fletcher Pilates in 2009 to compliment her Tai Chi coaching and has since been teaching Pilates for more than 5 years. She’s also the Co-founder of Evolution Fitness studio where she conducts her Private and Group Pilates teaching.

Jane’s Tai Chi background has made her strongly believe that body alignment and weight shifting enhance better quality in movement in our daily life. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and enjoys teaching in the most effective way to everyone.

Ms Diana NG

Diana Ng, National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Level 3, NROC Registered Coach, with more than 15 years of Tai Chi experience is a well known Tai Chi Master and National Judge in Singapore. She is very passionate about sharing her Tai Chi with the public as a great form of exercises with unlimited health benefits.

She is the Co-Founder of NewAgeTaichi.

Her incredibly demanding yet fulfilling life as mother, career woman and coach has taught her the most important lessons in life. Time is of the essence and even the smallest changes to your sedentary lifestyle can bring about almost immediate benefits and give her students the energy and zest that they didn’t know it ever exist.

She had participated and achieved many gold medals in various National and International Wushu Competitions. Coach Diana approaches Tai Chi coaching through a systematic and sports sciences training system.

Diana is a very inspiring & motivating coach who is able to inject fun and engage the students to be actively participating in the learning of Tai Chi, regardless of the age group. Through her effective guidance, her students have a better understanding of Tai Chi, makes the learning of Tai Chi easier to master and experiencing the benefits from practicing Tai Chi.

She has very good rapport with the students and they absolutely adore her and looked forward to seeing her every session. The feedbacks from her students were all very positive and encouraging. In brief, Diana had demonstrated her professionalism, reliability and positive attitude in her coaching.


While Diana has benefited from Tai Chi practice, many people are not aware that she too suffers from lots of pain especially in the neck and lower back area due to a car accident in her early years and also neck degeneration from years of desk-bound being in the corporate life. Tai Chi has significantly helps to correct her posture and relive her pain but still it’s not enough. She then furthers her learning in other discipline to find solutions and came across FISAF to become a Personal Trainer and later as a certified Yoga instructor where she is able to integrate them together to compliment into managing her own pain and also in her teaching.

Diana setup Evolution Fitness in 2012 to help create more awareness in pain management and because she knows how it feels like to be in constant pain, she has lots of empathy and patience when it comes to her teaching, be it group of personal class. She wants to help as many people to overcome and manage their pain from overuse or due to accident so that they can add quality to their lives with the amount of knowledge she has learn.


Ms Joan Liew, Director (Fitness Factory), adjunct lecturer Nanyang Polytechnic, Arnold’s Physique Champion

A National bodybuilder and accredited fitness trainer, Joan Liew started her fitness journey at the tender age of 17. Since that time, Joan’s life has revolved around fitness. In 1998, she began her career as a personal trainer and by 2000, she received her first Gold Medal at the Asian Bodybuilding Championships. Joan has since been running fitness clubs around the region and has become a successful Fitness Manager, and has improved her skills and knowledge through certification courses and workshops, obtaining a Diploma in Sports and Wellness Management, a Diploma in Health Studies (Nutrition) and a degree in Commerce (Marketing).

In the competitive circuit, Joan is the first Singaporean woman to win the most prestigious Arnold Amateur in the USA at the Women’s Physique category in 2014. She has also garnered a total of 5 Gold Medals in various USA-NPC and Asian level competitions, has represented Singapore in the World Amateur Women Bodybuilding Championships in Spain and has been invited to judge several local and international competitions. Today, Joan runs her own boutique fitness gym, Fitness Factory, providing tailored fitness consultancy and personal training. She also provides fitness and nutritional advice for various publications, an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic, and is also an appointed lecturer and examiner for ISSN Sport Nutrition Specialist and FISAF Personal Trainer Certification Courses.

Mr Nik, Owner and Founder of Phyzique Singapore

Nikhil Abraham (Nik) is an accomplished personal trainer, lifestyle & wellness coach and is an examiner for FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness). He attributes his success to the fact that his profession is his absolute passion.

Nik was a fitness fanatic from a young age coupled and involved himself in 5 years of military training. Forever updating himself with relevant courses and familiarizing himself with the latest ideas in health and fitness, you can certainly be sure to be getting the most of your time with Nik as he applies strategies and uses techniques and equipment on par with top world trainers.

Nik’s fun loving personality and attention to detail, coupled with his knowledge and certifications has made him into one of Singapore’s finest trainers. He regularly attends and participates in international fitness conventions all over the world such as the IDEA World Fitness Convention in USA and the Asia Fitness Convention in Bangkok to keep abreast of current research and ideas

Mr Yusuf Kay, previous National Fitness Manager for Fitness First, now Head trainer at MUVE.


Ms Vicky Jonied, FISAF Aqua Master Trainer and Examiner

A dedicated and passionate instructor and mother of three, Vicky has extensive knowledge, especially in the area of Aqua aerobics. She continues to upgrade and share this knowledge with all who attend her classes.

JUMPING Instructor’s Course, Master Trainer Acquapole Asia ,Acquaboxing Bag Training,  HYDRORIDER Master trainer, FISAF

Master Trainer & Examiner for Aqua Aerobics, ACSM Group Exercise Leaders Certification ,Water Art Aquatic Exercise  & Workshop in Specialized Population

KICKFIT Instructors’ Course


Ms Adeline Ang, FISAF GROUP EX Master Trainer and Examiner

A dynamic and personable lady, Adeline is a much sort after trainer with extensive training in both group exercise and Yoga. Her passion and dedication to the industry is very evident in all the classes and training sessions she conducts. Qualifications include the following: Aerobic Instructor certificate, SSC, Personal Trainer and Fitness Leader Certificate, FISAF Singapore, Aqua Aerobic Instructor Certificate, FISAF Singapore, Yoga teacher certificate, Vivekananda Yoga Centre India Bangalore, Yoga Teacher Level 1, Yoga Fit USA, Pilates Mat work certificate,TRX suspension certificate BOSU Instructor training certificate, Les Mills Instructor and Zumba/

Ms Karin Graubard –Reiter, Medical Nutritionist, Founder of Nutritious N Delicious, Author, Mother to beautiful children  specializes in nutritional, health, fitness and life-style education.

Karin has a passion for nutrition and the power of food – especially as it pertains to disease prevention and has been in the nutrition world for about 10 years having personally experienced first hand how nutrition can cure chronic disease.


Mr Ben Xiao

Mr Ben Xiao started his career in fitness and movement by teaching his first baby ballet class at 17 and has never looked back. Trained in ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop, and the performing arts, he started SAVASkool- a premise based Learning Centre for children focused on motor skills development and art after a full time acting stint in Singapore theatre. For the next decade, he worked with the Singapore Sports Council to bring Physical Education to local kindergartens and child care centers, delivering and writing motor development programmes as well as in teacher training.

His life changing experience with one-on-one fitness and training was inspiration to leave group coaching and classes for work in personal training.  He now owns and operates The Fitness Connection – a personal training gym located in Holland Village. He also teaches the odd dance or pole acrobatics class every now and then when not preparing for his next physique competition.

Ben has a Diploma in Counseling Psychology, Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and a Diploma in Education. He is a trained Stotts Pilates instructor, FISAF certified personal trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist ISSN and an Examiner for the FISAF fitness leader and personal trainer practical exam.